Air Filter Replacement Service Available in Shelby, NC

Air Filter Service

Air Filter Replacement Service in Shelby, NC

Your Kia's engine breathes the same air you do, though your car actually breathes a lot more than you do. For each gallon of gasoline burned, your car can consume 10,000 gallons of air. This makes your Kia's engine more sensitive to dirt and dust in the atmosphere. That's why air filters necessary. Engines breathe through filters made of foam or pleated paper. With time, this filter gradually becomes clogged. This is good news! That only means it's been doing its job - keeping nasty particles from inside the engine where they can cause accelerated wear and performance problems. This is why air filters require regular replacement - because they do their job.

Avoiding or delaying air filter replacement can mean disaster for your car. At first, you'll notice decreased power and fuel economy. A clogged air filter can reduce power and increase fuel consumption noticeably, but that's just the beginning. Because the engine can't get enough air, sometimes spark plugs can become contaminated and "foul" due to excessive fueling. Engine starting problems usually follow. Oftentimes, a car with a poorly-maintained filter will not pass emissions tests. This is sure to complicate your annual registration renewal. Finally, as some particles make it past the filter element, they can lodge in the cylinder walls, thus increasing piston wear. This can lead to engine failure.

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Benefits of Replacing an Air Filter

Regular air filter replacement is cheap insurance for your car's health. Clean filters reduce fuel use, keep emissions in check, add years of healthy service life, and improve performance and driving pleasure. Our dealership can assist with filter replacement. Our ASE-certified master technicians are familiar with filter replacement procedures for your car. It's a quick and painless process to get your car's filter changed and let your car breathe again. Today's cars are more complex than ever. The once-simple process of changing an air filter can be too complicated for the average backyard mechanic. While they're replacing your filter, our technicians will also do a quick check on other aspects of maintenance that might affect the performance and longevity of your ride.

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Another reason to bring your car to our dealership for filter replacement: We use only certified, factory-authorized parts. The quality of the replacement filter element is very important. There are many cheap knock-offs in the market, promising equivalent performance and durability at a reduced price. This rarely works out. The few dollars saved are given back in increased filter maintenance and risks to engine life. Our mechanics only use certified original replacement parts for your Kia. These are the parts specified by the factory, and are sure to provide the expected performance and lifespan.

Most service experts recommend changing your air filter every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. However, this depends on how your car is used. Frequent trips on dirt roads or use under dusty conditions can mean more frequent filter replacement. Be sure to make an appointment today to have your Kia's air filter checked and replaced if necessary. Let your Kia breathe!