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Brake Repair Service

Brake Repair Service in Shelby, NC

Experienced drivers appreciate the value of excellent brakes. Keeping your brakes in great shape contributes to the safety of your vehicle’s performance. Your local dealership, Renaldo Kia in Shelby, understands the importance of these essential automotive components. We also recognize the importance of savings, so take a look at our service specials page and see where you can save!

Maintaining Reliable Brakes

Maintaining a vehicle's braking system is essential for a multitude of reasons. A car will typically last longer when its brakes have received regular, qualified service from trained and certified automotive technicians. This routine assistance not only reduces problems with brake malfunctions, it also contributes to an owner's bottom line throughout the life of the vehicle.

No one enjoys sudden brake repair expenses, but seeking periodic maintenance helps minimize problems associated with worn brakes. Delaying regular maintenance sometimes results in higher repair costs and accidents that could potentially have been avoided if the brakes were in working order. Take advantage of our expertise and schedule an appointment today!

Our Certified Automotive Technicians

All our automotive technicians at Renaldo Kia have received the specialized training necessary to become Kia Certified Automotive Technicians. They possess extensive experience working on braking systems in Kia vehicles and they can work on all makes and models as well.

Our customers especially appreciate this aspect of our dependable, friendly automotive services. Today, the increasing complexity of automotive technology demands the skills of highly qualified repair technicians. Our dealership's ability to furnish Certified Automotive Technicians demonstrates our commitment to our customers and our professional approach to automotive repair services. Additionally, to help you better understand the maintenance requirements your vehicle demands, our technicians are happy to have a conversation with you to answer any questions you may have. This way, you can better contribute to the maintenance of your vehicle and keep it running better for longer.

Quality OEM Parts

Bring your vehicle to Renaldo Kia for brake service and repair concerns and take advantage of our exclusive use of original equipment manufacturer parts. Today, OEM components made a significant difference in the operation of many automobiles. The sophistication of the components utilized by automobile manufacturer’s means that the selection of the correct models and sizes of the parts used in vehicle can make a huge difference in performance and reliability.

When customers receive OEM parts, they gain the assurance of knowing that the manufacturer intended a specific part for a particular model and make of vehicle. The replacement of a component does not involve an educated guess: instead, a technician knows accurately that a mechanical replacement part should function properly within the assembly for the designated vehicle.

Since brakes play such an important role in safe driving, no one should take chances with the maintenance of these vital automotive components. Generic parts may not meet the manufacturing specifications necessary to perform well in certain makes and models of vehicles. Renaldo Kia in Shelby, NC makes certain that our automotive repair customers benefit from the exclusive use of high quality, OEM parts. This step assures everyone that only components meeting Kia's exacting manufacturer specifications will play a part in the vehicles we service and maintain.

To schedule routine brake maintenance for your vehicles, contact Renaldo Kia today.