Coolant Flush Service In Shelby Near Gastonia, NC

Coolant Flush Service

Coolant Flush Service in Shelby, NC

Have you ever considered the importance of engine coolants? Many people drive long distances without appreciating the significant role that a high quality coolant plays in keeping vehicle engines in great operating condition. These important supplies contribute to carefree daily driving. At Renaldo KIA, we value our customers and we take steps to ensure that their vehicles receive only the best quality of automotive products!

During the course of regular operation, your vehicle's engine will frequently work very hard. Traveling over steep roadway gradients taxes most engines. To help cool down automotive equipment, and prevent damage to sensitive mechanical parts from overheating, mechanics keep the vehicle supplied with appropriate levels of coolants. Drivers need to schedule periodic replacement of exhausted engine coolants in order to maintain optimal automotive performance. Let Renaldo KIA's skilled team help you keep your car or pickup truck in great shape throughout the year!

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Kia Certified Service Technicians

Consider bringing your vehicle to us for coolant flush services on a regular basis. As your local KIA dealership, we hire certified automotive technicians exclusively. These well-trained professionals have obtained experience in a complex field.

Our team of highly-qualified certified automotive technicians will help you maintain your vehicle's engine in the best possible condition. We work on all makes and models. Entrust your auto or pickup truck to us for necessary coolant flush services. We'll make certain we keep your vehicle well-supplied with high quality engine coolants to reduce problems caused by overheating. You can prevent some types of mechanical problems by scheduling regular maintenance services to help reduce overheating in your vehicle. Flushing out exhausted coolants and adding new, high quality liquids on a periodic basis helps extend the useful lifespan of many automotive engines.

Top-Quality OEM Parts

You'll appreciate the fine reputation of the vehicle coolants and other products we utilize. We rely upon only well respected, name-brand automotive coolants and other supplies. For example, our dealership adheres to a strict policy of using only quality OEM ("original equipment manufacturer") parts. Our customers depend upon us to help them maintain their vehicles in the best possible condition. By emphasizing performance quality, we avoid problems associated with products that wear our quickly or don't function as expected during actual driving conditions.

Why do we follow the practice of using OEM replacement parts exclusively? Essentially, the use of OEM components during vehicle repairs assures our certified technicians that the supplies and parts they utilize will function as expected on a consistent basis. We want our customers to benefit from the services we provide! Today, the complexity of automotive systems requires repair technicians to pay close attention to performance issues. Using high quality coolants and installing only original equipment manufacturer components help Renaldo KIA serve our customers better.

Rely on your local dealership, Renaldo KIA, to help maintain your vehicle. We strive to furnish complete customer satisfaction!