Professional Tire Alignment Service in Shelby, NC

Tire Alignment Service

Tire Alignment Service in Shelby, NC

Renaldo Kia provides expert tire alignment services to Shelby, NC and surrounding areas. Maintaining correctly-aligned tires extends the useful lifespan of automotive equipment. The treads of tires wear more evenly and meet roadway challenges better when a driver obtains periodic alignment adjustments. Over time vehicles lose this and it poses a threat to your fuel efficiency as well as the life of your engine. So, come in the Renaldo Kia and we’ll do our best to ensure that your vehicle is running flawlessly.

Benefits of Tire Alignment

Wheel Alignment is important because if your vehicle’s alignment is off even a little, it can cause detrimental effects to your driving experience. When your alignment is off, it causes the tires to wear unevenly which decreases the life of the tires and it also creates additional stress in the engine. Your engine works diligently to provide the energy for your car to move, but when the alignment is incorrect the energy the engine creates isn’t as effectively converted into motion. This means the engine has to work harder which reduces the life of the engine and increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption. It is hard to believe that something as slight as wheel alignment can cause problems this extensive but that is why it is an integral part of vehicle maintenance. Take your vehicle in to Renaldo Kia or set up an appointment and our expert technicians will get your vehicle rolling straight again!

The Renaldo Service Crew

All of the technicians who work on vehicles at the Renaldo Kia dealership possess excellent qualifications. A Certified Automotive Technician possesses the necessary skills to evaluate the condition of many different automotive parts, including tire treads. Extensive experience informs their assessment. While most drivers notice very obvious wear and tear, a certified technician who has examined literally thousands of tires over the course of years can frequently identify subtle defects. Our technicians can help you save money by giving you a candid evaluation of the anticipated lifespan of your tires. By taking vehicles to Renaldo Kia for routine maintenance services, including tire alignments, drivers will benefit from the extensive experience of automotive professionals. We understand the expense of auto maintenance, which is why we offer awesome discounts on our service specials page.

Your Renaldo KIA dealership protects customers by requiring the use of only high quality OEM parts. You'll gain the assurance that any replacement components installed by us meet that high standard. You won't pay for repairs and then discover later that replacement parts failed to fit the specifications for your vehicle. By seeking tire alignment from us, you make a wise investment in the future of your vehicle, your tires and your passengers!