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Used Cars Under $10,000 for Sale

Used Cars Under $10,000 for Sale

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With the tough economic climate in which we live, more people are seeking used cars under $10,000. While it makes financial sense, there can be pitfalls when selecting the right vehicle to purchase. After scouring newspapers and websites and dealing with the inconvenience of meeting with individual sellers, many of whom are less than honest, people are relieved to find that our dealership has a wide variety of vehicles that can be literally compared side by side.

Not only is having such vehicles in one place a great advantage in time saved, many times being able to look at a range of used cars can allow a car shopper to find a vehicle more perfectly suited to his or her needs than the one first thought of.

Buying a used car has two major benefits: avoiding depreciation and avoiding lemons.

The most important benefit for most people is getting the most car for the least money possible. A used car is the perfect way to make this happen. It is a well known fact that new cars lose a great deal of value, sometimes thousands, the moment you drive them off the lot. This is because they immediately cross the line between being a new car and a used car. For the first couple of years of a car's life, this rapid depreciation continues because the value of the car is its intrinsic value as a vehicle plus the prestige of being new. Two years is the generally accepted point where rapid depreciation stabilizes and the car is actually worth its book value.

A secondary, but important, benefit is avoiding lemons. While they're relatively rare, everyone has heard nightmare stories of someone buying a brand new car that spent the first several months of its existence in and out of the shop to have repair after repair performed. There's simply no way to be sure any given new car isn't going to be one of these lemons. With a used vehicle more than a few months old, this is not a factor.v

The secret of getting good value in a used car is buying a quality used car. The best way to ensure this is by getting it from a reputable dealer instead of an individual seller. While an individual might be willing to spin any number of lies necessary to pass a problem car onto someone else, a dealer's continued existence relies on dealing in good faith with customers. For this reason, a used car we are offering for sale has been thoroughly inspected and an honest assessment of its condition is guaranteed.

At Ramey Auto Group, we also encourage our customers to trade in their previous vehicles in order to further reduce the price of their new purchase. On our automotive websites, customers can enter details of their particular trade-in and get an estimate of what their vehicle is worth. After using our online tool, stop by our dealership to get your vehicle appraised by an employee. Customers can also easily estimate their credit score and schedule a test drive on our website.

Anyone looking for a reliable used vehicle under $10,000 should skip the hassle, wasted time and expense of chasing down the individual owners of car after car from classified ads and come in to our dealership for an opportunity to compare and drive a variety of vehicles and have questions answered by educated industry professionals in an environment where our staff can help with everything from narrowing down prospective vehicles to financing the actual purchase. Make the smart choice and come in today!