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Find Quality Kia Car Parts and Kia Accessories at Renaldo Kia

If your vehicle is in need of maintenance or you simply want to upgrade your ride, you will find top-notch Kia car parts and Kia accessories right here at Renaldo Kia. We offer a wide range of genuine Kia parts that meet the strict standards set by the manufacturer. Why should you choose genuine Kia parts over Kia aftermarket parts? Read on to find out, then start shopping for what your vehicle requires today.

Genuine Kia Parts vs. Kia Aftermarket Parts

When shopping for Kia accessories and Kia car parts, you may be wondering about the difference between genuine Kia parts and Kia aftermarket parts. While some drivers may be drawn to the lower price of Kia aftermarket parts, they are not without their drawbacks. See why most automotive experts recommend OEM parts over aftermarket alternatives.

  • OEM parts, or genuine Kia parts, come directly from the same manufacturer as your vehicle. They are designed to be a perfect replacement for the part that has worn out. Aftermarket parts are produced by a third party to work in a wide range of makes and models. Because of this, the part you select may not fit properly. An ill-fitting part could end up causing damage over time.
  • Genuine Kia parts come with warranty coverage. That is not the case for many Kia aftermarket parts. In fact, the use of some Kia aftermarket parts could end up voiding your vehicle warranty.
  • Generally, there is only one OEM Kia replacement part available, so you do not have to spend time evaluating dozens of aftermarket parts for quality.
  • Kia aftermarket parts are often inferior in quality, and you could end up spending more to replace these parts more frequently.

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If you have any questions about our OEM Kia car parts and Kia accessories, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Remember to also explore our Kia parts specials for added savings.